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June Knox – V.I.P.

June Knox – V.I.P.

By Jenny Blaney, IPPR

President; The Duchess

Fund, Vice President

June Knox was a very special lady throughout her fifteen years of being involved with potbellied pigs. She was the epitome of a team player. She supported the many registries by diligently registering her pigs and their offspring. She purchased books on potbellied pig from many sources and made them available, along with information packets, to those who purchased pet pigs from her. She became a NAPPA Certified Breeder at the inception of the Breeder Program and rescued many pet pigs that needed a safe place to stay.

June was a staunch supporter of the Duchess Fund and helped to promote it. She contributed her pigs’ medical records to it hoping her experience would help other pet pigs. Accurate medical information about potbellied pigs was one of her top priorities. For many years she worked closely with her local vet, Dr. John Stewart, University of Guelph, and Dr. John Carr, Iowa State University.

June was tireless when it came to promoting potbellies as pets. Her “Telus” (a Canadian telecommunications company) pigs resulted in some of the cutest ads to date that brought smiles to faces all across Canada, the United States and beyond. Behind the scenes she did much great work on behalf of pet pigs that many never heard about. She was a shy lady about herself and never wanted nor needed recognition for what she did. Her pigs made her extremely happy and she wanted nothing more than to share her happiness and knowledge with other pig lovers.

June was a member of NAPPA from the beginning. She was excited about the new NAPPA/IPPR proposal setting guidelines for breeders, shelters and pet owners to work closer together. She viewed it as a meaningful step toward bringing the various facets of the potbellied pig community together for the benefit of the pigs.

Broken Bridle Farm, in memory of June, is setting a precedent by being the first potbellied pig facility in North America to be visited and evaluated by Dr. John Carr, Veterinary Advisor to the International Potbellied Pig Registry and The Duchess Fund. June had volunteered and scheduled this visit from Dr. Carr before she was so quickly taken from us. Broken Bridle Farm is proud to help launch the Voluntary Veterinarian Inspection Program (VIP), designed with the assistance of Iowa State University, IPPR and NAPPA. June felt that sanctuaries, rescue facilities, breeders and individual multi-pig owners could greatly benefit from this program.

Having a world-renowned veterinarian, who is willing to visit various facilities on a regular basis and evaluate not only the pigs, but also the overall conditions, will be the first program of its kind. This program also has the potential of becoming an educational tool that could help anyone, anywhere, as it evolves. When required, it could include training of local veterinarians who have limited practical experience treating and/or managing potbellied pigs. The possibilities are endless! This program will give local vets, shelters, breeders and pet pig owners a better knowledge of the care and management of potbellied pigs.

On behalf of IPPR, Dr. John Carr, June’s family, NAPPA and The Duchess Fund, it is our honor and pleasure to announce the official name of the Voluntary Veterinarian Inspection Program will be:

The June Knox V.I.P.

Memorial Project

Program funding will come from donations sent to NAPPA and will be used to cover travel and hotel expenses for visits from Dr. Carr. NAPPA is happy to announce that the first generous donation came from Telus and is much appreciated. As the program evolves, more details will be made available in future issues of the NAPPA NEWS. June’s husband, Frank, and her daughter, Lucy, will continue to carry on June’s goals and values on a limited basis. They are excited about supporting this program in her honor and hope other pig people will follow their lead.


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