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This is the Case History Section of The Duchess Fund. We advise you that these are “medical” histories and some pictures are fairly graphic in nature.



Case #: 000236 Name: Bushka-Leukemia


In late August 2000 we observed the first noticeable changes in her. She started vomiting and went off her food for a day or so only to start eating again so our concern was lessened. She developed some strange habits which involved going outside when it was dark and cold which she had never done before. We noticed that she would choose strange places, like next to the freezer, to rest where she had not previously. She appeared to be more lethargic than normal but would get up and walk about when encouraged to do so by us. (More information…) 

Case #: Not Assigned Name: Wilbur


Over the winter (1999 and 2000), Wilbur began showing some signs of discomfort with his rear legs when walking. The problem appeared transitory and related to cold, damp weather. The assumption was made that he may be coming down with the early signs of arthritis. As the weather improved, Wilbur’s difficulty walking improved somewhat and, at the vet’s recommendation, we had agreed to simply observe him over the summer and attempt to reduce his weight by about 20 pounds.
 (More information…)

Case #: 000145 Name: Sweet Cheeks


Leiomyosarcoma of the Uterus
The breeder reported that Sweet Cheeks was born in 1993 with a defect causing her to fall over and she was only able to take one or two steps at a time before tumbling. The breeder believed that Sweet had a lack of oxygen during the birth which may have caused her disability. Since Sweet was very compromised, she went to a shelter rather than placed for adoption.  (More information…)

Case #: 99035 Name: “Miss Piggy”


Who Lost Her Back Feet, Ears, Tail and Skin
It was on November 26, 1999 when she fell ill. She didn’t come when called and was laying down and appeared to be having respiratory distress. She finally got up and took a few steps, then began defecating over and over, fell over, and continued to defecate. She had difficulty walking and subsequently wouldn’t get up. She was taken to two local vets. Treatment by local vets resulted in no improvement so she was taken to a veterinary teaching college. Upon her arrival there, she was recumbent, depressed, heart rate of 76 and pale mucous membranes. Patches of sloughing skin were found over the hind legs from the hock down, over the rump and over small areas on the front legs, one ear and the tail. The back feet from the fetlocks on down were cool and had lost sensation, suggesting that the blood supply to these areas had been compromised. She was placed in Intensive Care, diagnosed with “Probable” Erysipelas and placed on medication. She did not have the typical “diamond shaped” lesions associated with Erysipelas, however. Miss Piggy’s vaccinations were not current..
 (More information…)

Case #: 99018 Name: “Petunia”


The Recurring Abscess
When she was about a year old (June, 1999), she developed her first abscess in the flank where the “crease” was. It looked like a big bug bite that was infected about the size of a large golf ball. She contacted the vet and subsequently took Petunia in. The vet lanced it, drained the puss and placed a drain in the surgery site. Some cultures were done (e-coli was one culprit) and Petunia was put on antibiotics while there.  (More information…)



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