We have compiled medical records on potbellied pigs from various sources and universities. We hope our efforts will contribute to
more informed medical care for our pet pigs now and in the future. Once you browse these records, or search by using criteria such as "symptom" or "Diagnosis" and you would like a copy of the
complete medical records, please place your order and we will send or fax to you as soon as possible.
Some of the medical records are quite lengthy so please take this into consideration if you want them faxed.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact:

Ph: 518-747-3494

We hope this is helpful and appreciate your donations to assist us in maintaining this database as it is our sole source of funding. Our
expenses to maintain this database and service include copy costs, mailing and faxing costs and website fees. Also, we would welcome your stories about how the database has helped a pig so we can publish it in the
Duchess Fund News.

For contributions, please send your check to:

The Duchess Fund
408 – 14th St. S.W.
Ruskin, FL 33570

Thank you for visiting with us!!!


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